Web Programming with Visual Basic

by Craig Eddy with Brad Haasch

C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S

Chapter 1  Introduction

Chapter 2  HTTP: How to Speak on the Web

Chapter 3  Interfacing to the Web with DDE and OLE

Chapter 4  Using Web Browser Custom Controls

Chapter 5  Retrieving Information from the Web

Chapter 6  The Win/CGI Interface

Chapter 7  Creating CGI Applications in Visual Basic

Chapter 8  Database Connectivity: The WebGuest Application

Chapter 9  Connecting to OLE Servers: Using the Web as a Front-End to Schedule Plus

Chapter 10  Using OLEISAPI with the Microsoft Internet Information Server

Chapter 11  A Brief Introduction to Web Spiders and Agents

Chapter 12  Quote Watcher: An Interactive Web Agent

Chapter 13  Building an E-Mail Signature Generator

Chapter 14  WebSearcher: A Simple Search Too/

Chapter 15  Linkchekcer: A Spider that Chacks for Broken Links

Appendix A  Basic HTML Tags

Appendix B  VBScript-VBA for the Web

Appendix C  Win/CGI on the Microsoft Internet Information Server

Appendix D  Bibliography and Cool Web Sites


I would like to dedicate this work to my wife, Susan, and my children, Madeline and Bobby, who encouraged me through many late nights and long days. If not for their love and dedication this book would have never been possible.
-Craig Eddy

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Personally, I have many people to thank: My wife Susan for always encouraging me; my parents for always pushing me to give life my best effort; Bernard Jones for kindling the fire of excitement I experienced when I first discovered the Internet. Finally, to the team at Pipestream Technologies for putting up with a grouchy senior developer, who had stayed up most of the previous night writing, and to Ken Banks, president of Pipestream Technologies, who had the vision to add as much Web capability to our sales force automation product as possible. This vision made my experimentation with Web programming possible.

-Craig Eddy

About the Author

Craig Eddy has been a Visual Basic programmer for five years and holds a degree in electrical engineering. He is senior developer and Webmaster for Pipestream Technologies, Inc., a software development company in Richmond, VA. He was an author for Access 95 Unleashed and Microsoft Office Unleashed, both by Sams Publishing. Craig can be reached via e-mail at craige@richmond.infi.net (or CraigE@PIPESTREAM.ipctech.com) and some of his Web creations can be seen at http://pipestream.ipctech.com.

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